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Vendora Nordic AB
Ladugårdsvägen 1
234 35 Lomma

Phone: +46-(0)20-10 32 10

Open hours: 09.00-17.00

E-mail: info@vendora.se
Website: www.vendora.se

Vendora is an official distributor for Lite Bulb Moments®

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About Lite Bulb Moments

At Nordic Smartlight, we redefine lighting with a blend of form, function, and sustainability. Rooted in Nordic design, our products reflect the harmony of elegant aesthetics and environmental prudence. We leverage technology to produce eco-friendly LED lights. Our Lite Bulb Moments offers dimmable LED bulbs compatible with smart homes. We aim to empower individuals to build eco-friendly ambiences in their homes and workplaces. Partnering with contractors and retailers, we're shaping the future of sustainable living. Join us in illuminating the world anew.