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Article number: NSL911989
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Lite bulb moments Smart Light Chain - Globe Facets

Illuminate your world with the Smart Light Chain - Globe Facets from Lite Bulb Moments. This light chain is Perfect for indoor and outdoor use and adds a vibrant and dynamic touch to your parties, gatherings, or cosy everyday life. With 64 million colour combinations and a host of user-friendly features, let this light chain highlight your decor and transform your home or office into a spectacle of light and colour.

  • Programmable Light Sources
  • Music Sync Capability
  • Easy Connection to Wi-Fi
  • Google and Alexa Compatibility
  • Weather Resistant Design

Programmable Light Sources
Each light in the Smart Light Chain contains 64 million colour combinations, offering you the ultimate creative freedom. Tailor your lighting to match your mood or event theme easily using our Lite app. You're in total control, from adjusting brightness to setting timers, creating your scenarios, and changing colours.

Music Sync Capability
Elevate your parties with a light show that moves to the beat of the music. The Smart Light Chain features a built-in microphone that allows your light chain to flash or change colours in sync with the rhythm. With 20 pre-programmed functions available at the touch of a button on the power supply, you can transform your space into a vibrant light and sound extravaganza.

Easy Connection to Wi-Fi
With a quick and easy connection to your Wi-Fi, the Smart Light Chain by Lite Bulb Moments promises a seamless setup—delight in the vibrant hues and stunning light patterns within seconds of unpacking your new lighting companion.

Google and Alexa Compatibility
Integrate your Smart Light Chain into your smart home ecosystem with its compatibility with Google and Alexa. Control your lighting using voice commands for a hands-free lighting experience. Group multiple light chains together, and they will operate in unison following the same command, creating a unified and mesmerizing effect.

Weather-Resistant Design
Crafted with careful attention to durability, the Smart Light Chain is IP65 waterproof. Hang it outdoors without fear of rain or snow damage. However, prolonged submersion underwater is not recommended.

Package Contents:
- Smart Light Chain - Globe Facets
- Power Supply
- User manual

Product Specifications:
- Model No. SNL911989
- Voltage: 5V
- Max power: 5W
- Color: Multi colour (RGB, purple, pink, etc.) - 64 million different colours
- Size: 12 meters (25 LED light sources with 50 cm distance) + 3-meter cable from plug to the first LED.
- Water resistance: IP44
- Lifespan: 30,000 hours

About Lite Bulb Moments

At Nordic Smartlight, we redefine lighting with a blend of form, function, and sustainability. Rooted in Nordic design, our products reflect the harmony of elegant aesthetics and environmental prudence. We leverage technology to produce eco-friendly LED lights. Our Lite Bulb Moments offers dimmable LED bulbs compatible with smart homes. We aim to empower individuals to build eco-friendly ambiences in their homes and workplaces. Partnering with contractors and retailers, we're shaping the future of sustainable living. Join us in illuminating the world anew.