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Lite bulb moments white & color ambience (RGB) E14 bulb - 3-Pack

Experience a whole new level of smart lighting with the Lite Bulb Moments white & color ambiance (RGB) E14 bulb. Individually controlled via a secure Wi-Fi network, these bulbs offer full-scale RGB color control and dimmable options to set and customize your desired lighting ambiance. With compatibility to Google Home and Amazon Alexa, controlling your lights has never been easier. Be it daily routines or those special lightbulb moments, Lite Bulb Moments is here to illuminate your experiences.

  • Accommodates Circadian Rhythm
  • Efficient Dimming and Timing Capabilities
  • Full RGB Color Spectrum Control
  • Compatible with Smart Home Assistants
  • Eco-friendly and 100% Recyclable

Accommodates Circadian Rhythm
The Lite Bulb Moments smart lights not only illuminates your surroundings but also accommodates your circadian rhythm. It recreates the natural daylight pattern, ensuring you receive the right amount of light at the right time, keeping your mood uplifted and energy levels sustained even during the darkest winter months.

Efficient Dimming and Timing Capabilities
These smart bulbs come with efficient dimming options and a handy timer, which can be customized as per your preference, ensuring total control of the brightness and timing for your lights. Set the mood, create an ambiance, or customize your lighting schedule; these bulbs are designed to adapt to your needs.

Full RGB Color Spectrum Control
Offering a full RGB color spectrum control, these smart bulbs present a palette of 64 million colors to choose from. Tailor the perfect ambiance by adjusting the color, intensity, and temperature for your lights using the Lite app.

Compatible with Smart Home Assistants
Our bulbs integrate seamlessly with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa, enabling voice-controlled operations. This feature empowers you to control the lighting ambiance of your home via voice commands effortlessly providing you a hands-free lifestyle.

Eco-friendly and 100% Recyclable
Lite Bulb Moments bulbs are designed to last long while being completely recyclable. Our FSC-approved packaging is also an indicator of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Setup/ installation:
The light supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.Use the step by step guide in the app or go to:

You can find the Lite - app in Google Play Store or in Apple App Store.
App name: Lite bulb moments

Package Contains
- Three Lite Bulb Moments white & color ambiance (RGB) E14 bulbs

Product Specifications
- E14 bulb with 4,5W effect
- Color temperature variable between 2700-6500K
- Supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks
- Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
- 100% recyclable
- Compatible with Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa
- Control through Lite Bulb Moments app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

About Lite Bulb Moments

At Nordic Smartlight, we redefine lighting with a blend of form, function, and sustainability. Rooted in Nordic design, our products reflect the harmony of elegant aesthetics and environmental prudence. We leverage technology to produce eco-friendly LED lights. Our Lite Bulb Moments offers dimmable LED bulbs compatible with smart homes. We aim to empower individuals to build eco-friendly ambiences in their homes and workplaces. Partnering with contractors and retailers, we're shaping the future of sustainable living. Join us in illuminating the world anew.